Translation "Goo Chokie Pa"
2011 / 04 / 27 ( Wed )
Translation "Goo Chokie Pa"

訳 「ぐー ちょき ぱー」

“Rock Scissor Paper”

1. Rock Scissor Paper! Rock Scissor Paper!
Rock Scissor Paper, Can I win?
Goo is a stone, Chokie is a pair of scissors.
Pa is a piece of paper, Can I win?
Everybody, are you ready? Rock Scissor Paper!

2.Jan Ken Pon! Jan Ken Pon!
Jan Ken Pon, It’s even.
I won with Goo, then I lost with Chokie.
I won with Pa. But I lost with Goo.
Even if I win or lose, Jan Ken Pon!

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